My HVAC technician just asked me out on a date

When I call an HVAC technician, the only reason that I call is to see if I can get my HVAC unit fixed.

  • Otherwise, I might have to call to see if I can get my HVAC unit replaced instead.

HVAC technicians are workers, and they are the people that you have to call when your HVAC unit is no longer working. Sadly, the HVAC technician that I called to fix my central air conditioners thought that I would like to talk about something else too. The HVAC technician that came to fix my house was staring at me from the very beginning. Obviously, this HVAC technician though I was pretty, and he wasn’t being very subtle to let me know so. I began noticing that he kept watching me while he was supposed to be fixing the furnace. Often, while he would go to his van to get a tool he needed for the furnace, he would stop to make small talk with me. I kept noticing him staring, and I was kind enough to talk back, but I didn’t think that I was communicating anything mutual. I definitely didn’t feel anything for this HVAC technician, and I didn’t ask for anyone to come to my house to flirt instead of fixing my furnace. Finally, after he had fixed the furnace, he gave me the bill and asked me out on a date. I was worried that he would ask, but I kindly said that I didn’t think that would work. There should be some sort of rule about that in his HVAC company.

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