My HVAC superhero

Most people aren’t sure of what they want to be when they are little kids, but I have always known what I wanted to be ever since I was eight years old. It was a cold winter night, and the heated gas furnace had just broken down on us. What I remember the most is when my parents were arguing in the living room, and my mom was saying something about how we should have upgraded to radiant flooring years ago. A few minutes after that I remember seeing the HVAC repair truck pull into our driveway and the HVAC repairman knock on the door. He looked so cool in his fancy uniform and all of the cool tools that I had never seen before. He took notice of how interested in what he was doing and he even let me help out with fixing up the broken down furnace! She was working on the furnace, it was talking to me about how fun it is  being an HVAC repairman and helping out people when they need it, just like he is with my family right now. Flash forward to now And I am now a certified HVAC repairman. I never really considered many other career options even when I was in high school, because deep down I knew that I wanted to be just like awesome HVAC man that I met on that chilly winter night. I just hope that one day I am able to inspire little boys and girls to be HVAC repairman like I was when I was a little kid

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