My husband Charles wanted a modern activity

My husband Charles used to collect comic books; It was his passion and his activity for the longest time, however then every one of us had kids, but he ended up selling most of his comic book collection when every one of us had our first multiple kids and then he decided that he wanted to switch over to another activity completely.

  • He decided that he wanted to try out beekeeping, of all things! This was the first I had ever even heard of him being the least bit interested in beekeeping or bees of any sort.

I was pretty surprised when he mentioned it to me, and then every one of us was even more surprised when I started seeing all of this beekeeping unit showing up at our house, however first it was the suit and the hat with the little net thing over it, then it was a bunch of odd wood boxes, and then it was the bees themselves. I had a little bit of a hard time dealing with the fact that every one of us were getting live honey bees delivered to us in the mail. In my opinion, that’s just weird… But Charles loved every bit of it, but and even now, when he’s been doing it for multiple years, he still thinks that it’s the greatest thing ever, and now he says that he can’t think that he ever wasted his time or energy on comic books when he could have been busy doing beekeeping as a activity for his entire life. At least he has found something that he loves, and even though I am still not a fan of bees in general, at least now every one of us always get free honey!



Beekeeping and honey