My hubby just installed a wood stove in our house

My hubby plus I are country bumpkins.

We love living out in the middle of nowhere.

It is so peaceful plus quiet, however both of us grew up in big cities, but neither of us have actually fine memories of inner neighborhood life. One of the first things that both of us talked about while dating was our dreams to live way out in the country. I love the farmhouse look, so after both of us were married, both of us right away started looking into buying an aged farmhouse… After a few months of looking, both of us found one that both of us fell in love with. It needed a lot of work done to it, but both of us were gleeful about renovating it. It took us about 5 years to get it looking the way that both of us wanted it to, but it was truthfully a entirely fun project. We have lived in the farmhouse for about 10 years now, plus I would not move even if someone offered us a million dollars for our house. My hubby feels the same way. We had trouble with our gas furnace last winter, plus my hubby was upset that it would not last another winter, so both of us decided to install a wood stove in our house. I had never been more gleeful about getting something installed as I was about getting our wood stove installed. I just love the smell of a wood stove. It fills the cabin with the most calming plus homey smell. He finished installing the wood stove just 2 nights ago, plus I am already completely in love with it. It is entirely worth all of the work involved in using it.



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