My house feels amazing

It’s a abnormal day for me if I don’t spend time outside.  There is a certain peace and happiness that I carry back inside with me after being outside for awhile.  Some people become overly concerned with the insects or other animals that they may come in contact with as they walk or sit in nature.  It’s all part of the wonderful experience. There is a certain amount of caution and respect that you should keep as you are explorer the natural habitat that we share with this wonderful creatures that make our world what it is.  I think that’s why I appreciate the swamp cooler system so much.  The swamp cooler system works with the movement of air, so it works better with the windows and door open in a home.  Evaporative cooling is a natural effect that works in our natural environment. When dry air passes over water, the dry air will absorb some of the water.  Because the temperature and vapor pressure of the water tries to equal the temperature of the air water molecules turn into gas molecules and the heat switches temperature from the higher air temperature to the lower water temperature.  This is the concept of the evaporative cooling system. It uses a fan to draw in warm air and move it across a cool pad cooling the air and recirculating through the room creating a cool breeze. Evaporative coolers are the best option for dry areas with low humidity.