My hot water needs

I wish that Halloween could be moved to the spring and summer, when the weather is a bit warmer. At the end of October, my area of the country is usually very wet and cold. Every year, I absolutely dread the Halloween celebration. I have four children, and I make their costumes myself. Making the costumes is expensive and a great deal of work, but it is our tradition. I always urge the kids to choose a costume that can keep them warm and dry. It is not possible to go trick-or-treating in this city without a winter coat. Everyone trudges for miles, carrying heavy pumpkins full of candy, sometimes through several feet of snow. It is not unusual to have temperatures below freezing, sleet, or simply pouring rain. We always make an effort to stop at the firehall midway through trick-or-treating, because it’s warm there. The firemen set up a table of drinks and treats, organize games, and have their heating system cranked up high. I take the kids inside to soak up the heat for a couple minutes, and then we continue on to ask for candy at every remaining house on the block. Because I have a smart-thermostat, I make sure to bump up the temperature at the house before we return home. It is such a relief to step inside the house and feel the warm heat. I strip the wet costumes off them, fix them hot chocolate, and let them eat their candy. The kids huddle near the supply vent of the furnace and watch scary movies until bedtime.

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