My home office

I enjoy to play jokes on my wife. It’s just so fun to get him flustered and frustrated for some reason, really because of how much she torments myself and others on a daily basis. He’s consistently pushing my buttons in legitimately deliberate ways, and claims that her behavior is for my benefit because a single day I’ll be desensitized to her nonsense. I don’t agree with her outlook, and I don’t foresee any improvement in how absolutely I am miserable by him. That’s why I think free to poke fun at him and scheme about small practical jokes. At least my ploys are all in good fun and no a single ever gets hurt, or at least, not until recently, and see, the two of us had a smart thermostat installed in our cabin about a week ago, however my wife doesn’t guess that. I told him that the two of us had a plain outdated thermostat replacement when the Heating & Air Conditioning professionals arrived at our home. I didn’t let on that I had updated our temperature control unit to be more modern and absolutely accessible, because I had another plan. Whenever my wife provided myself and others some grief, I pulled out my cell phone and messed with the air temperature control settings without telling him. I could do this from anywhere thanks to our smart thermostat app on my cellphone, so even if she was just pissingg myself and others off via text, I could absolutely modify the indoor air temperature. I guess it doesn’t sound appreciate much, however these small changes in our air quality honestly added up, for the past week, my wife has been confiding in myself and others that she thinks he’s going nuts; she can’t even remember making distinct changes to the thermostat programming.

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