My grandfather is a great guy

My baby is almost one years old. Despite the fact he isn’t even at the two year mark, his size, smarts and overall demeanor make people guess that the boy is much older than he easily is, then i’m not kidding around! When every one of us go out to restaurants to eat, the waiting staff consistently asks if he would like some crayons and drawing paper. They’re amazed when every one of us tell them that he has no idea how to even hold a crayon yet! Still, while my kid is a legitimately well-behaved young boy, he has his moments where he is just nervous by everything surrounding him! Thankfully, I have an ace in the hole for getting him calmed down even from his most crazy outbursts. All I do is cradle him, plus rest right next to the vent in the home office. See, our lake house is legitimately oddly designed! Right next to the home office is the closet where I can get to the heating and air conditioner unit to change air filters, open up duct joints plus stuff prefer that, and when I’m in the home office, I can switch on the exhaust fan right over the stove, plus rest right between that fan plus the closet where the central Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit is put in. The sound of the exhaust fan turning, in combination with the constant hum of the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, seem to put his tired little head to rest! Recently I had the lake house property managers come by, plus say that they’re going to be upgrading our unit’s Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit to a much more silent set of equipment. I bet I’m the first man to say no to that request! I think that seems foolish, picking a coping method for our baby boy over a generally improved air conditioner plan for our apartment, but that’s just how it can be as a parent. Sometimes, you have to pass up on stuff you’d like, just because you think it will freak out your children.

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