My girlfriend and I remained a couple through college

Of course, I made sure the place had a really great HVAC system.

It was a tough time for my girlfriend and I when we were going to different colleges. We weren’t exactly trying to break things off, but we didn’t want to jeopardize our future careers. I went to this really nice trade school to get my HVAC certification. While in school, we wrote each other letters and we kept in contact on the phone. We would do facetime as well with our Skype program. It admittedly was very difficult for us, but we managed to get through. We never even broke up and we visited each other every single chance that we could. I learned all kinds of amazing things about the HVAC industry and how to install various types of HVAC equipment. I was so happy when I finally got my HVAC certification. Since my girlfriend went to a college near our hometown, I decided to go back and get a job in our hometown. I actually surprised her with flowers and chocolates, and we were right back together again. I guess we were made for each other because we were like peas and carrots. We never wanted to spend too much time apart. Eventually when I was making really good money, we decided to get a place of our own together. Of course, I made sure the place had a really great HVAC system. There was an old thermostat, so I just upgraded it to a smart thermostat. The other nice thing about the place was the fact that it has a beautiful fireplace. I knew that we could have a lot of romantic times in front of the fireplace. I’m glad that I was able to achieve my HVAC certification so quickly, otherwise it would have been a long time before I could always be there with my girlfriend.



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