My furnace is keeping up this winter

I cannot believe that my furnace is actually keeping my house up to temperature this winter.

It is the first winter in quite awhile that my furnace has done this well.

I cannot remember the last time it heated up the house to the temperature that I had the thermostat set to. My husband is convinced that it is just because it is so much warmer this winter than it has been in previous winters. I like to believe that it is because the furnace just fixed itself, but I honestly don’t think that is the case. I wish it would just fix itself because the odds of next winter being just as warm as this winter are not high. I really hope next winter is this warm too, but I doubt it. I set our thermostat to seventy-two degrees during the beginning of the winter, and I have not touched it since. It has only dropped below seventy-two degrees like twice this year. Last year, it dropped below seventy-two degrees like almost every single day. I am really loving having this warm of a house. I looked at the forecast for the next ten days, and it says that in about a week from now, it is supposed to drop and get pretty cold. I am not looking forward to that because I know how cold our house is going to get. We really should just get our furnace fixed, but we are procrastinating because of how much money it will cost. It is ridiculous, but that is how we roll.

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