My first date in a freezing cold restaurant

I will never forget my first date. I don’t remember a time in my life when I was more nervous. I was so unsure of myself and could hardly believe that this girl was interested in me to begin with! I was only 17, but thankfully I had a pretty decent job at the time. At least, it was decent enough to have the money to take us to a nice restaurant. It was a high-end Chinese place, as I figured Italian would be too messy and embarrassing to eat, potentially. I picked her up from her home and could barely muster the courage for light conversation as I stared down the road with my hands out in front of me gripping the steering wheel without ever once making eye contact. When we finally got to the restaurant, we found it to be ridiculously cold. It was the summertime, but it’s like they had their air conditioning set to full tilt and then some! My date finally looked at me as she shivered and said, Well, this is not going to make breaking the ice any easier, is it? The most nervous, silliest sounding laugh escaped from my mouth before I could even think. She started laughing too, but it was clear she wasn’t laughing at me. The truth is, that little joke broke the ice and helped me open up rather well. We struck up a conversation far more naturally from that point. When our food finally arrived, I have to say that it was delicious, though we had to eat it fast because the air vents were blasting cold air. I’ll never forget how my first date was so gracious and patient with me and my awkwardness.

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