My favorite Italian restaurant has poor air conditioning

I am very conflicted when it comes to one of my favorite Italian restaurants to visit. The food is absolutely amazing. The taste is so authentic, you really become spoiled when it comes to anything else that calls itself “Italian”; it’s that good. Though I have tried several other dishes, to be honest, my favorite is and will always be their eggplant parmesan. Not to mention the fact that a certain other restaurant chain likes to brag about its salad and breadsticks, but do they give you hot, buttery garlic rolls along with a really tasty dipping sauce for free? Nope. Not to mention, this restaurant’s salad and its house dressing is amazing all on its own! The part that I’m conflicted about, however, is how warm it often is in that restaurant. My town is deep in the south, and we really need our air conditioning, especially in the summer. In the winter, the warmth of the restaurant isn’t as big a deal. However, in the summertime, they never crank up that air conditioning enough to cool down guests coming in from the heat and humidity. I know the manager and most of the waitstaff and some of the cooks, but I have never gathered the courage to ask why their air conditioning is so inadequate. I honestly don’t feel entirely justified in complaining about the temperature of the restaurant when the food is just so amazingly good! Maybe one day I will edge it into a conversation, just to see the reaction of the employee I am speaking to. Maybe some of them don’t care much for the lack of air conditioning either!

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