My favorite coffee shop in college

When I was in college I did a lot of my studying and brainstorming for papers and projects in a little coffee shop not far from campus. It was clear that the owners liked to cater to college students, and I could see that it was a good racket. They sold really good coffee and pastries and sandwiches and provided an environment that was very conducive for studying and fellowship. I don’t live as close to my college town anymore, but even if it was merely for the sake of that coffee shop alone, I wish I did. Not only was the coffee great, but the climate control was always on point. You could always count on the coffee shop to keep you perfectly comfortable no matter the time of year. I did not need to wear any extra layers in there during the winter. Plus, the air conditioning system felt so wonderful in the summertime, it was hard to leave. There were even times when the staff would have to wake me up and coax me out of the shop around 11 in the evening, because I had passed out while studying! They were always really nice about catering to us college students. They were not watching us like hawks, making sure that everyone who was in the building had paid for at least one item. Though, it was an unspoken courtesy that we would buy something while we were in there. The climate control system made the environment so delightful, I was more than happy to support the business!

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