My energy bills are out of control

Summers in the south can be absolutely withering. The heat and humidity can make even the hardiest of plants, wither and die. The only way to escape from the heat is to find a building that is well air conditioned. I have excellent air conditioning in my home, but lately I found that my energy bills were skyrocketing. I have also noticed that my air conditioning is running more often, but it isn’t doing as much good. I had to figure out what to do with my air conditioning. Before I called the HVAC company, I wanted to do my own investigation. I pulled out all of my energy bills and I noticed that instead of them going down once I had the house insulated, the bills were still going up. I was sitting in the living, on the floor, staring at the light coming through the window. I loved the feel of the sun, but I wanted to keep its heat outside. That’s when I saw that I had a small crack in the window. It was big enough that it was letting the air conditioning out the window. I had to fix the window and stop my AC from escaping outside. Once I had that problem solved, I began to see my energy bills go down. I noticed a huge difference in how my AC unit was running. It was not just more efficient on paper, but the house was cooler and the AC wasn’t running as much. Even though I had the house insulated by professionals, I forgot to check everything on my own once they left.


Heater maintenance