My energy bill went up when I started working from home

I know that there are some benefits to working away from the house.

I have recently decided that there are more benefits to my working from home.

I don’t need to go outside early in the morning and clean off my car from a winter storm, before I can even get into the car. I then either sit in a cold car while I wait for the heating to start, or I drive slowly while my defrosters work. In the summer, I get into a hot car and I start to sweat while waiting for the air conditioning to begin working. Working from home means I am able to take care of children better, I am also able to sit in my pajamas and work during my hours. I also thought I would be putting some money in the bank, but I was wrong. I had the heating or air conditioning running all the time now. I had the thermostat set to seventy all the time and I was finding that my energy bill was going up. The energy bill went up so much the first month that I thought there was a problem with the billing. I was so upset that I began to wonder what I was doing wrong. I set the temperature for the entire home and I was heating every room in the house to the higher temperature. I called the HVAC company and told them that I would like to have Zone Control installed so I could take control of my energy bills again.

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