My ductwork installation

My pride with house maintenance often gets the best of me.  My partner was concerned that both of us were having problems with our Heating plus Air Conditioning system because of the weak air flow from the ceiling vents plus the machine’s struggle to keep the apartment at the temperatures selected on the thermostat.  I gave in plus busy and Heating plus Air Conditioning worker to inspect our house. When the repairman told us that both of us had a large leak in a section of HVAC duct in the attic, I told him I would handle it myself plus sent him on her way. As much as I didn’t want to know my partner at the time, she was right to try to dissuade me from handling this concern all on my own.  I ended up damaging various feet of duct labor in the section leading up to the area with the original leak. All in all, I caused somewhere around $3,000 worth of mangle just because of my pride plus ego. I told my partner that I would be forgoing my entertainment budget for the next year or so to show her I cared deeply about offsetting my actually preventable blunder. At the end of the difficult ordeal, it was simply refreshing to get confirmation from the repair workers that our system was back plus running in toiling condition once again.  My partner will genuinely always be miserable by this mess up, plus for good reason too, but for now she’s just ecstatic to finally have cool air conditioner blasting away at all hours again. You can’t beat an efficient plus powerful cooling system.

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