My dehumidifier really helps dry my carpets faster when I shampoo them

Once early spring rolls around each year, I try to get a lot of cleaning done around the house. I neglect my windows most of the year, so this is the time when I get them clean. I also try to make sure my rain gutters are cleared, since I had a mishap years ago where water was leaking into my attic from a clogged drainage gutter. Then, when I am satisfied with my outdoor maintenance, I head inside and get rolling on the indoor work. I open up every cabinet and drawer, slowing removing items before wiping everything clean with a hydrogen peroxide solution for low odor sanitizing. Any dust that accumulates along the walls, ceilings, and furniture is removed with a microfiber duster that I attach to a six foot retractable wand. After vacuuming all of the floors, I then try to carpet clean them once a year if I can manage it. The chore takes several hours to get through my entire house. It’s back breaking and exhausting in every conceivable way. Plus, the carpet cleaner leaves my carpet floors damp even after I pull as much water out as possible with the vacuuming wand. If I let it go on its own with minimal air conditioning, it might take two full days to get the carpet bone dry. Instead, I use a portable dehumidifier that I simply plug into the wall for the purposes of drying out the flooring faster. Since I live in a particularly muggy and humid environment, the threat of mold growth on the shampooed carpets as they slowly dry is a reality that I am faced with. With the dehumidifier running, I can get the floors bone dry in less than half as much time. Although it cost me $200, I really love having that portable dehumidifier on hand for situations like this.

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