My dehumidifier is performing great

I recently had some pretty extreme flooding troubles in my basement. It was no fun at all. I had to spend my money a lot of money to get the basement pumped out. I had to have all new carpet put in down there, and I also had to upgrade some of the drywall that got damaged by the flood. I have noticed that it still seems damp down there even though everything has been repaired. I decided to buy a dehumidifier to put down there to see if it would help dry things up a bit. I really did not want to have to deal with mold or anything love that. I have been using a dehumidifier down there for about a month now, and I can say that it actually has made a significant difference. It is not nearly as moist down there since I started using that dehumidifier. I am thinking about buying a minute dehumidifier for the basement. I am thinking that if one dehumidifier makes a large difference, then, more than one dehumidifiers will undoubtedly solve my concern completely. I am not sure, even though I am going to just go ahead and try it out. I hope that the minute dehumidifier will completely solve my concern so that I can transfer the youngsters playroom down into the basement once again. They are making a large mess of my study room ever since they started playing up there because of the basement troubles. I am ready to have a wash study room once again free of children’s toys. I cannot tell you how many toys I have stepped on in the past few weeks.


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