My Car Was Damaged By The Air Conditioning Repair Truck

When things happen to go wrong, they really go wrong! I had been having a bad month as it was.

If anything bad could happen, it was happening to me.

Then, the icing on the cake took place. I was driving home from work after a very long and stressful day, and my car got rear ended by some air conditioning repair truck! This HVAC specialist that was driving the truck was careless and not paying attention to where he was pulling out of. The heating and air conditioning repair truck was pulling out of a parking lot while I was trying to turn into the same parking lot as the HVAC repair truck. Just as I pull in, this HVAC worker pulls out of his parking spot like there was no one else around, and bang! There went the back of my car! I was lucky that I wasn’t hurt at all. I was so angry, I jumped out of my car and was about to possibly murder this heating and air conditioning clown. I was ready for the HVAC worker to say it was my fault. But, I have to give him credit…he took full blame for the entire incident. He gave me the insurance company’s name and information while we waited for the police to arrive. He was actually a pretty nice guy that was just having a bad day himself. The HVAC company was going to pay for all damages to my car. And also, while my car was getting towed away to be repaired, he had the HVAC company he worked for send another truck to drive me home.

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