My buddy and his wife almost got a divorce until I had a talk with both of them

I’m not a motivational speaker or anything like that, but I wish that people would just let go of all the drama and negativity in their lives.

  • There was a time when my buddy was going through it with his wife.

They were both so frustrated with each other and they would always yell at one another. It was like they entirely forgot how to communicate. When he was talking about getting a divorce, I asked how that happened. He said they had a huge fight over the HVAC system. She apparently had been trying to get him to call for HVAC services, and he was confident that he could fix the HVAC system on his own. Long story short, he ended up butchering the HVAC system and it was no longer repairable. The warranty was void because he wasn’t HVAC certified and his wife was fed up with him for not listening to her. I told him he should think about marriage counseling or something like that before making such a huge decision to end a perfectly good marriage. He agreed that they probably should do that but he knew that his wife would never go for it. I actually decided to talk to both of them together and helped them work through some of their problems. It was a little intense at first, but eventually they were able to see that they both loved each other and that these problems were petty. They both wanted a family and they both ultimately wanted to be together instead of getting a divorce. My buddy thanked me for stepping in to help, but I just hope they are able to let go of the drama and negativity before they choose to really go for a divorce.

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