My boyfriend is a plumber

I am dating a guy named Sam, who owns his own plumbing business.  Dating a licensed plumber is extremely handy. Whenever there’s a concern with anything plumbing related in my home, he takes care of it and it doesn’t cost me anything beyond the parts.  He’s replaced the water heater, fixed clogs in the pipes, updated several of my faucets, and installed a new sink in the laundry room. He’s added hookups for my garden hose so that watering my flowers is far easier.  He went through and performed a thorough maintenance of all of the plumbing components of the house. Anything that was worn or broken, he replaced. Because of his efforts, my water bill is significantly lower every month and I’ve had far fewer problems.  I warned Sam that he should never tell my family what he does for a living. Unfortunately, when we had dinner with my family for Thanksgiving, my mother’s kitchen sink refused to drain. Sam went out to his truck, got his tools and fixed the issue in less than twenty minutes.   I have five brothers and sisters, and they are all now taking advantage of my boyfriend. My oldest sister asked him to convert her water tank to a tankless water heater. My oldest brother convinced Sam to help him remodel his bathroom. My youngest sister now wants Sam to tackle a malfunction with her septic tank, and I’ve said no.  If my family wants plumbing service, they need to make an appointment and pay the regular rate. I’m tired of Sam working all weekend for free to accommodate my siblings.

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