My bedroom windows are on the east side of the house unfortunately

Sometimes I feel like I can never catch a break.

  • Adversity is always right around the corner ready and waiting to sneak up on me at a moment’s notice.

One of the worst examples occurred within the months following my college graduation. It was a momentous occasion, and I figured it would be the beginning of a new and adventurous life. But within four weeks, we had to put down one of my family pets who I had since I was 10 years old. Then, completely without surprise, we got poisoned by chemical vapors that seeped into our water supply and off gassed whenever we ran the sink or shower. We had to abandon many of our belongings as everything had been blasted with chloroform fumes. It completely altered the course of my life and nothing has been the same since. Although it’s a far cry from the severity of that situation, my current house is sometimes a source of frustration. My bedroom has several large windows and it faces the east. Every single morning, my room gets lit up by the sun as it peaks into the horizon. This inevitably makes my room warmer than it would be otherwise, thus forcing me to run my air conditioner at a lower temperature than usual. Unfortunately, my electric bills are just not as low as I had hoped they would be when I first moved into this house. I’m considering reflective window film to reflect some of the UV rays, while thicker curtains might help block out some of the incoming heat. I have little to complain about compared to the years following my college graduation, but it still feels like adversity is a constant guest in my day to day life.
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