My animals love their HVAC units

My animals love their HVAC units.

I own a bar that is the home to five horses and some sheep.

When I first purchased the barn, there was an old wood furnace inside, but I saw this as a terrible fire hazard and decided to go to the heating and cooling business and see what my options were for heating my barn. At first I couldn’t decide what heating system I wanted, then I came across the zone controlled heating system. I figured that zone controlled heating was what would be the most effective way to heat my barn, and to save money since some of my horses like their stalls a little warmer or cooler, and the sheep always like it cooler in their stall. It took a long time and a lot of work to get the zone controlled heating system installed in my barn. I had to hire four HVAC technicians to work together to install the furnace in time for my animals to move in. The HVAC technicians made sure that the furnace was safe and that there were no fire hazards I would have to worry about. The animals love the heating system, and often will see them standing near the air vent in their stall basking in the heat from the furnace. When summer came, I decided to get a central air container unit installed and connected to the zone controlled heating so that I could have each stall at different temperatures using the air conditioner. With another four HVAC technicians and a few days of work, the central air conditioner was installed in the barn and both me and the animals are extremely happy.

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