My air quality inspection

Because I have been having some bad issues in our home with pollen irritations lately, I decided to call an air quality professional from the indoor air cleaning repair that the people I was with and I have here in town.

I wanted to get a professional air quality test of our home.

My pollen irritations were only acting up when I was inside our house, and when I would be outside or even at work, nothing was wrong! So this was a warning sign. I was easily blissful I called the air quality specialists, however because after they did the professional air quality test of our home, they found that indeed I had really bad air quality in here. The solution to this was to first get a current central heating and air conditioner unit. The seasoned heating and cooling unit I have had in here for years was the main issue of the air quality problem. Then the next step to clear out the extreme damage that had been done was to also invest in a whole home air purification system, however a portable air purification system would not have done the job that needed to be done in terms of some nice indoor air cleaning! This was going to be quite a hefty cost to our bank account. However, it was something I really had to invest in if I wanted to be breathing 1 hundred percent good air quality in our home once again. First things first though. I need to substitute the central heating and air conditioner unit! Once that’s done, then I can worry about the media air cleaner.

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