My air ducts are clean

A few years ago, my wife plus I purchased an harshly old house with the intention of fixing it up.  Both of us enjoyed the location plus size of the property, plus the structure of the house was good.  The former owners, but, didn’t keep up with official service plus had made no upgrades while they lived there.  The house had also been left empty for approximately multiple years. Both of us dealt with a mouse infestation, broken windows, leaky roof, rotted floors plus corroded plumbing.  The wiring was not up to local codes, plus all of the appliances needed to be upgraded. Both of us basically gutted the entire structure down to the bare studs plus started over. The only thing in the house that was salvageable was the boiler in the basement.  Although the boiler system was rather old, it started up just fine. Both of us had it checked out by a local Heating, Ventilation & A/C professional, who performed a thorough cleaning plus tuning of all components. She said that with official service, the boiler could last us another twenty years.  The HAC business recommended that all of us install radiant flooring throughout the house. Since all of us completely tore up all of the floors, it was quite simple to retrofit the pipes for the radiant system. The pipes affix to the boiler plus create a looping pattern, which is very hidden beneath the up-to-date floors.  The pipes carry heated water plus spread warmth evenly across the floors. The heat rises gradually, with higher rapidly increasing temperatures remaining close to the floor. My wife plus I just enjoy the radiant flooring. On the coldest day of winter, our apartment is perfectly comfortable plus all of us walk barefoot. The heating component takes up no living space plus doesn’t detract from aesthetics.  It runs silently plus requires only an annual service of the boiler.

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