My air duct is an issue

There are few things I love in life more than my dogs. When my kids grew up and moved out of the house, I was happy to see them go and grow up in their lives. However, the house was immediately too quiet with them gone. Sure, I always had a dog, but I found my one little guy was really lonely without the kids here too. I had always counted on the kids to keep the dog company while I was at work, or take him out play with his puppy friends. So my solution was just to get more dogs. I’m fairly active so I knew I could keep up with them and give them plenty of exercise, so long as the dogs had each other as friends too. Now I have three dogs and they are all as happy as they can be. However, all of these dogs does a  number on the house. We have to vacuum and mop a lot more often, and we have to change the HVAC filter almost twice as much. The first year of this, our heating and cooling system was giving us problem, so I called the heating and AC company to take a look. They found my ductwork was clogged with pet hair and recommended I change the air filter more frequently. Thought I had been doing it once a month, this isn’t enough when you have as many dogs as I do. Changing the air filters out every other week keeps the pet hair in the filters and not in my ductwork.

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