My a/c unit is not functioning well

The a/c unit in my beach house is not working well.

I actually miss having an a/c that is genuinely functioning how it’s supposed to.

When I first bought this central a/c, I was pretty glad to get a central a/c that was dependable, but my old central a/c was old. The central a/c was not very dependable, and you never knew when the central a/c was going to stop running. The reason that you could not trust the central a/c to be running was that you never knew when the central a/c was going to break down altogether. I have no idea what the primary cause of the broken a/c was. It was terrible. When I talked to the A/C contractor about buying an updated a/c, she told me that she thought that it was a fantastic idea. She told us that my updated a/c would be so much better than my old a/c. I suppose that the central a/c is better than the old a/c, even though I do not think that it is as nice as it should be. When my old a/c was new, it worked a lot better than this a/c. It seems that my updated a/c breaks down a lot more often than it should. I have no idea what is going on. I suppose this update a/c is broken somehow.

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