Being a musician is not as fun and easy as it may sound. Especially when you are a struggling musician playing locally in clubs and bars. I have my good nights and my bad nights. Really, the total honesty and secret to what kind of night I will have is all based on the temperature control in the place I am playing in. Air quality is the main factor here. If for instance, the heating system is not working properly or not running, I get chilly which makes it so I do not perform as well and sometimes mess up. However on the flip side of things, if the place I am playing in is too hot and the air conditioning is not working during the summer time months, I will literally cancel out on the gig the second I walk in there. Which, I had done in the past on 2 different times. I need air conditioning to be able to perform in the summer because I am heat sensitive and get very weak in heat. So you bet, if the air conditioning is not working properly and they have not called a certified heating and cooling specialist out to fix it before it was time for me to come in and play. I will lose the money and stay home. It is a lot better than messing up in front of tons of people as well as it is better than getting sick! So at the end of the day, I need air conditioning more than heating always with no question about it.

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