Moving the a/c around

There have been a lot of changes since moving out west. I no longer need my Winter boots, I can swim in a pool year round, and I no longer need to take out window a/c units when seasons change. When I was living up north, I had to dig out the window a/c units. It was my least favorite chore. Besides entirely putting them into the windows or having to remove them. Both of us had to take them out for the chillier weeks in Winter time because they would freeze and it would alter their life span. Now being out west, I don’t need window a/c units as much. This is because I have central air. I don’t have to put in my central air system though. I also don’t have to take out my central air. I have am happy that the a/c unit just stays in and keeps working at all times whenever I need it. This was such an adjustment for me. A wonderful adjustment, but I actually felt odd at first and was upset the central air wouldn’t job as well as my window a/c units. I was so upset in-fact that I really almost went to purchase a window a/c unit just to be sure! I’m really thankful I didn’t do this though. My the central air is now working marvelously for me! Buying the window a/c unit would have just been a waste of time and money.

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