Moving north and surprised by the cost of heating the home

When my family packed up and moved to the north, we weren’t prepared for the severity of the winter weather.

We expected to enjoy the beauty of a snowy landscape. We looked forward to skiing, ice skating, building snowmen and making snow angels. We had no idea that the temperature could drop to twenty-five below zero with a wind chill that’s actually dangerous. We didn’t even own wool coats, heavy boots or knitted hats. I needed to go out and buy ice scrapers, snow shovels and rock salt. I was totally unfamiliar with the operation of a furnace, and I wasn’t content with the comfort of our home. Since my whole family was hiding in the house, running the furnace was a priority. I noticed that the furnace was struggling to keep up and certain rooms felt drafty. When I got my first heating bill, I nearly cried. I was unwilling to lower the thermostat but couldn’t afford to invest so much money into heating. I called a local HVAC contractor for some help. The technician inspected the furnace and found an extreme buildup of dust within the system. He performed a thorough cleaning, lubricated the moving parts and tightened all of the electrical connections. He recommended a better brand of air filter and told me to replace the filters every six to eight weeks. While my family is still shocked and unhappy with the winter weather in the north, our house is finally comfortable. No matter how low the outside temperature, we’re able to maintain a warm and cozy living environment. I still complain over the cost of the monthly energy bills, but at least I can afford them now.

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