Moving from one place to the other

Weather in our region of the country is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen. And I recognize its not like this elsewhere, because I’ve moved around a lot. In the southeast, the weather is fairly predictable. That sounds boring, however it’s not a disappointing thing. Stable weather makes it easier for the body to become used to changes in weather conditions separate from getting sick. Even where our parents live in the southeast, they get the occasional storm, however otherwise things are pretty predictable. Not only does this keep you healthier, however it helps you save money on your utility bill. They aren’t consistently decreasing their Heating plus Air Conditioning method to accommodate the changes in temperature outside. Back in December, the two of us had a month where it got up to 71 degrees. Four mornings late, it dropped down to 20 degrees plus the two of us had a massive blizzard that knocked out power across the region. It’s just mental! The joke here is if you don’t like the weather, just connect. But all of these shifts make it so trying on our heating plus cooling plan. How are the two of us supposed to program a schedule into our control unit that works for us, if the weather is constantly in flux? Then the two of us just end up wasting AC, when the two of us could have turned it down a lot because it was so cool outside. Even now in the summer, the two of us went from 96 to 56 in less than 12 hours. We’re all going to have a cold by the end of the week.

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