Moving down to the South and climate control

I remember when I first moved down south and near the beach, I was so excited to get some sun and a tan. It was only early April when we moved, but it felt like summer to me! The following weekend after moving in all our stuff into our new home, me and my wife took a trip to the beach. It happened to be a beautiful day, and the crash of the waves in the sunshine and the pretty, white beach was captivating. It was so mesmerizing even, that we ended up falling asleep on our beach blankets. That is when we learned a thing or two about the southern heat and weather. First of all, by the time we woke up we were sunburned pretty badly. Second of all, what woke us up was big fat raindrops falling from a darkened sky and crackling thunder, where once there was sunshine. By the time we got home, wet and badly sunburned, we learned how comforting good air conditioning could be in the south. The cool air felt great on our burned skin. Also, we had bought some aloe gel on the way home, which felt absolutely amazing to apply to our reddened and sensitive skin!  We thought the weather was going to be delightful down here. The truth is, it can be sometimes. But it can also change at a moment’s notice. We have really come to appreciate our climate control system, because it keeps us comfortable no matter how erratic the weather or temperature is down here in the south.

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