Most people have a dog as a pet, or at least know of someone who does.

They are loving animals and great house pets.

Dogs are great at providing an additional sense of safety for families.

Most dogs can sense danger and will alert their owners of potentially dangerous situations and home intrusions. Different breeds of dogs live in certain climates for a reason. Dogs with longer, thinker coats are more comfortable in cooler climates, whereas those shorthair breeds are more comfortable living in warmer climates. People all over the world have dogs as pets and they do not always live where they are native. Many people will travel to get their dogs from speciality breeders. Dog owners must take into consideration the comfort of their breed in order for these animals to live a comfortable and healthy life. Many dogs spend most of their day inside.Without proper air conditioning, the animal could suffer. As a dog owner, it is important to keep in mind the temperature of the home while away at work. A siberian husky and a chihuahua living in the same home might require different temperatures to maintain comfort throughout the day. Having a proper cooling system is vital for the health and safety of the animal. Pet owners should do research on the heating and cooling requirements for their animals. Small, short haired breeds might require the heating system be kept at a higher temperature whereas long haired breeds will require the air conditioner to be kept low. A good compromise if you have both of these pets in the same home is to look into getting a sweater for your pet that requires the warmer temperatures.


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