More money for the large suite with better HVAC

My mother and I are doing a various afternoon long trip, just as ladies, however both of us are going to see various musicals and our number one band play in concert, and i also found bakeries, cafes and neat sandwich shops for us to stop at. It is going to be such a fantastic time. I just decided for this trip to not cheap out, then that is why we are seeing so various things and will eat until we can’t eat anymore. I decided to actually Spring for a fantastic hotel room too, however my mother wanted to break it with me so I lied about the cost. I estimated her the price for the lowest priced room. This is where we would be on the highest floor, sharing a bed and also a lavatory. Instead, I got the extravagant suite that is close to the elevators. Both of us have our own standing room, our own beds and a large lavatory. It is worth it to have those accommodations. I bet even the HVAC in the suite will be better. Most of the time the hotel runs off a central temperature control. The not as fantastic rooms are at the mercy of what the hotel staff wants for heating and air. The fantastic rooms have their own temperature control control. My mother is going through menopause, I think she will care about lowering the AC more than usual. I will pack thick, heavy clothes and allow her to crank the AC system. I think it will be a nice surprise for her too, then she will think we are going to have a awful room, instead it is the large suite.

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