More comfortable with female HVAC tech

When I got my divorce a few months back, I had not been eating home cooked meals and not really too healthy to be honest with you all. I have been eating at this place called Ken’s Diner, a location right on the corner of the street and they have food that is right on the price for me. Yesterday alone I ate there for all 3 meals of my day! I went there today though plus got turned away do to some poor troubles with their HVAC ventilation system. I assume and believe that I know my own way around an air conditioning system well enough, so I provided the offer to take a look at it for them. It turned out not to be a heating or an air conditioning issue though, however it was with the ventilation system in the kitchen area, but the range hood, or the HVAC ductwork anywhere along the way, was no longer at all working to pull out the warm plus dirty air out of the air from all that constant cooking in the place. The air quality in the kitchen had gotten so smoky and cloudy as well as cloying that it was dangerous for anyone to be back there to do anything, then until they had an Heating and Air Conditioning tech come in to clear it out and get the kitchen ventilated, they would not be able to cook anything in that place or have any customers. I helped myself with a pizza, and then I went and decided to go and call them up the next afternoon to see if the ventilation troubles had been fixed yet by a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. They said getting a new ventilation system would take another day!

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