Monthly budgeting leaves just enough room for a service plan

For as long as I’ve had a job, I’ve always firmly believed that much of my paychecks are discretionary income. While that may have been the case when I was sixteen years old and had practically no bills to pay, that isn’t the case for someone approaching 30 with a family! While I’ve tried to save money as best as I can over the years, I never can keep my savings untouched for long. To fix this, my wife and I worked together to make a more concentrated effort on saving money. While we’ve been able to start making a serious effort to make sure I’m saving more of my paycheck, we’ve also noticed that there’s money we can allocate back to a service plan for our heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. We stopped using a service plan about two years ago to cut costs, but now we’re beginning to regret that decision since our air quality has suffered. The A/C system also has these incredibly short cycle times, and the gas furnace in our basement tends to overheat the house in the winter. We’re sure these issues with the HVAC system would be remedied with regular check-ups from an HVAC service technician, so we’re happy to re-enroll in a service plan for our home’s equipment. Hopefully in time, we can undo any damage to our heating and A/C system. Not only does the service plan cover routine maintenance visits, but many of the parts costs for more serious repairs are covered under the plan as well. I can’t wait until our home has great air quality again!

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