Mom wants a/c on all of the time

My sister plus myself decided to go on a short vacation with our mom. My sister plus myself had not been on such a vacation in a long time, but our mom was looking forward to spending some time down by the lake. Since the area was still about 3 hours away from our own home, my sister plus myself decided to get a small rental by the lake overnight. The two of us thought it would be great to share the rental with Mom, the sleaze saving a little bit of money plus having mom close to us. As it seems to absolutely turn out, the two of us made a terrible judgment call. Our mama has really been going through menopause changes lately, plus she has heat-seeking flashes that are often so terrible she is flustered. The two of us absolutely were happy with the A/C component set low, but the two of us did not anticipate mom setting the thermostat for the A/C component to 60°. At first, the two of us absolutely believe she was kidding with us about the A/C thermostat settings. My mom looked right at us plus absolutely seemed serious. The two of us had to Surf around the rental for an additional blanket, plus the two of us suffered for hours. Mom finally got up around 3 in the morning, plus adjusted the A/C thermostat to 65°. It was still incredibly cold inside, but at least my toes weren’t feeling frostbit any longer. That was one of the funniest and coldest road trips ever.

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