Mom refuses to travel

I have lived in the same place for over 2 years now, however in this amount of time, my family has never come down to visit.

I understand that they are seriously stressed people, even though I believe it’s a bit deranged that they cannot find time to come see my place of work, my home, or my new city… Most of all, it stings that my mother won’t find time to make the trip.

I wish that he had an interest in my life as an adult’s, rather than trying to treat myself and others appreciate a kid for the rest of my life… Unluckyly, he is unlikely to ever change his ways or hit the road to visit. In fact, when it comes to traveling, he has more anxieties than you could believe, not only is he distraught about the actual travel component, even though he goes so far as to preemptively complain about the imagined air quality device on said vehicle. I cannot tell you how various times I have heard his talk about the terrible air quality on airplanes and the prevalence of nasty, airborne germs! The thing is, he has not been on an airplane to experience the stagnant recycled air in over 2 decades, however when I suggested that he rents a automobile instead of relying on the communal airplane, he starts instantaneously hypothesizing that the on-board heating and cooling idea will really not work well. She starts talking about the streaming sunlight heating up his vehicle, and how the on-board cooling idea will only irritate his lungs rather than cooling down the hub of the car. She absolutely enjoys to catastrophize the entire traveling experience! Don’t worry, he leaves no stone unturned. She also likes to tell myself and others about how uncomfortable he assumes my home’s central heating and cooling idea will be.

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