Mold in the attic

On one hand I am sort of impressed by the way the real estate agent was able to hide all of these house’s many flaws. On the other hand I am beyond livid that they tricked me and sold me a piece of junk house! Not only are the pipes in need of replacement, but there might even be a mold infestation in the attic. Do you know how hard it is to remove mold, or how dangerous it can be to breathe? I am actually considering a lawsuit against the real estate agency, but in the meantime I need to figure out a way to improve the indoor air quality. Like it or not I am stuck here, and the indoor air quality needs to improve dramatically, and quickly, or else I put myself at risk. First thing I did was to call an HVAC contractor and have him come over and do a full inspection of the entire system from soup to nuts. He told me that the system itself was in good shape, but the air filters were long overdue to be replaced, and the whole system of ductwork could use a scrubbing, as well. I asked him about the mold situation in the attic, and he said that the HVAC system and improved ventilation would help out, but that I needed to talk to a mold specialist. Having spent so  much money already on the HVAC inspection, I think I will put some fans in the attic and see what happens before I call in an expert.

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