Modular office space was a good idea

When I took over a failing company, I realized that the biggest issue was the previous owner let everyone work from home.

  • I get that in theory this is a smart idea.

You don’t have any huge overhead like an office building, utility bills and purchasing company equipment. However, the workers have no accountability through. The business owner I bought the company from insisted that everyone needed to be fired. Basically, I should start from scratch. What I ended up doing was keeping everyone on board who would be willing to report 9 to 5 for the job. I could then monitor and make sure they are doing actual work. I could give feedback in person and actually know who everyone was. I ended up keeping most of the staff. The cost of an office unit was not too expensive either. I live on a giant plot of land that I don’t use. What I did was mow and care for the lawn. I then dedicated a giant portion to a modular office unit. I contacted a shipping container company and they made me offices. They are all separate shipping containers with power in them. The space is a little bigger than a cubicle for each worker. Everyone drives to my house and parks in back. They then report to their container when they are scheduled to work. Bathrooms and a kitchen is in my house. We have become like a little family doing it this way. I like the modular office setup. The employees really like the personal touch too.

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