Modern technology

My father used to take us camping when we were kids. At first, our camping trips were mostly spent looking at nature, but as we got older, my father would teach us survival skills to live in the woods. We joked that he was always convinced that we needed to have these skills in case there was a major global catastrophe. Really, I think he just loved seeing us learn how to fend for ourselves. One time, we went camping in the middle of January. The weather was supposed to be cold, but not so cold that we would get sick just by being in the woods. What my dad forgot was that we were driving several hours south, and the weather would be cooler up there than it was here! I sure at this point missed my HVAC unit at home! We got to the campsite before sundown, so it wasn’t super cold just yet. We were able to build a campfire and set our cooking tools beside it, which was a good way to add to the heat produced by the fire. Once the sun had been down for an hour, we sat in a circle by the fire and everything was in place, watching as the oldest helped my father with cooking our meal for the evening. We loved seeing how our father could turn fresh fish from a stream into a nice meal, and the sounds of the wildlife created a very laid back environment for us all to enjoy. Best of all, we hardly noticed the cold weather, because my dad had rocks boiling in one of the pots set over the fire. My dad wasn’t totally against using modern technology – he always brought a small portable heater, just in case it got too cold. I miss those days more than anything, but I’ll be sure to do the same with my own kids someday!

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