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In the southeast part of the country where our family plus I live, there is a storm season that lasts for about numerous weeks out of the year, but most of the time, large tropical storms will form off the coast of Africa plus make their way across the Atlantic Ocean, then by the time they reach the coast the warm water fuels their strength plus they become hurricanes, then every several years or so, the two of us get a pretty poor set of them that cause significant injure in the coastal areas. Last year the two of us had a pretty poor a single that was a single of the biggest in recorded history. The sizzling hot plus cold temperatures plus warmer waters fuel these storms, and during the disaster salvage effort, our command post was set up in the parking lot of the hardware store. This command post was a large semi-hauled trailer with a mobile communications center. Most importantly it had air conditioner. There were several separate Heating plus Air Conditioning systems attached to the roof that helped keep the device plus operators nice plus cool. The storm had left warmer hot plus cold temperatures, so it was nice to have a nice cool place for the disaster salvage coordinators to meet up plus plan their efforts. Most places are out of electricity after a major storm care about that, however the command post was self powered by a set of generators. One of these powered the device plus a single was dedicated to the Heating plus Air Conditioning plus crew comfort gear… With a couple of these air conditioned trailers set up around the town, the coordination efforts went honestly smoothly plus the two of us were able to focus on the salvage efforts.

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