Mistaken identity gone too far

I have a bit of PTSD from an experience I had last year when I was pulled over for driving over a yellow line. It was the middle of the night plus I was just trying to get home after a long night of working at the local bar. I was obeying all traffic laws but I must have slipped over the line one time. When the red plus blue lights started flashing in my rear view mirror, I immediately hit my brake and plus started pulling onto the side of the road. But when I went to hand the deputy my license and automobile registration, he ordered me out of the automobile plus told me to lay face first on the road. As I was pinned to the road at gunpoint by the first officer, the second got out of the car plus began rifling through my car. They accused me of being high, drunk and trafficking drugs while I sobbed that they had the wrong man. I had no drugs or alcohol inside of me; in fact, the entire incident was a result of mistaken identity because of my slight swerve. When they realized they had the wrong guy, they acted as if nothing had happened and left the scene while I was shaking on the road. I looked all over Detroit to find an attorney who would take my case against the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office on the case of police misconduct plus brutality. I still think about the incident on a daily basis. I get fearful when I’m in my automobile at night and wonder if I’ll get pulled over again.

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