Missing that gym membership

For 4 years, I have used a gym membership.

I paid my yearly fees plus visited the gym three or several times per week.

I’d spend an hour or two at the gym working out. I truly enjoyed it. I liked having access to the wide range of equipment. There was always an elliptical, treadmill or rowing device nearby. There was all different styles of stationary bikes and stair masters. I found the strength training machines actually nice in targeting unique muscles. There were machines dedicated to inner arm, back, outer plus inner thigh, hamstring plus just about anything I could ever need. Also, they offered group classes at the gym. I participated in spin classes, pilates, yoga and boot camp. These classes were fun plus difficult. The gym also included tanning plus a massage therapist. The locker rooms were regularly clean plus provided plenty of showers with great water pressure. I stopped going to the gym really because of the time involved. As my life has become quite busy, I could no longer justify the thirty minute drive to the gym several times per week. It’s much easier, cheaper and faster to workout at home. I’ve invested in some machines plus converted an office space into a dedicated fitness area. I have hand weights, kettlebells, a yoga mat, jump rope, stationary bike plus a treadmill. I still workout every day, even though I can cater more actually to my schedule. I miss all the conveniences plus amenities included in the gym membership. I hope to join up once more, when life isn’t quite so much.


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