Mind that heater repair


               Ever since we moved into this house, its held a chill to it! We’ve tried everything. We had all new doors plus windows put in after our first year in the home; Then we had the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system updated for a more modern furnace plus A/C system. The newer furnace has a breakthrough component which enables it to reuse heat. This way, it gathers energy which would have been lost during the process, then uses it to heat your house. We had hoped this would be the end of it and that it would help out our utility bill.

               While we saw the oil use was going for a little bit longer, it was hardly as much as we had thought it would… If the lake house was any warmer, we didn’t know it. At our wits end, we finally decided to have an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation come by plus supply our lake house a full inspection to figure out the source of the problem; Of course, the issue was in the only site we hadn’t looked–the attic! Apparently none of our HVAC duct had been wrapped, plus there were even tears in the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C duct.

               What we needed to do was have the HVAC ducts sealed plus have all of the HVAC ducts wrapped in insulation. Without the insulation, much of the air escapes before it even gets to our house. Sure enough, when we went up the attic it was plenty warm, though it was 34 outside. With that finally done, our beach lake house is warm again, though we’ve updated half of it to do it.

heating serviceman