Midnight At The Piano Bar

I’m a professional piano player, and I play late night gigs at this one bar in town.

Years ago, I had much better gigs than this, but these days, we gotta take what we can get.

I really hate playing this joint, because the air quality in here in really awful. All the people smoking cigars and cigarettes is just beyond the normal of what you would normally see in a bar! Most bars have banned smoking, but not this place that I play at. Even when they are running their central heating and air conditioning system, it’s still really bad air quality in here. They should really either ban smoking all together, or, get themselves some sort of air purification system in there. Not that an air purification system would really help the place with all the smoke going on in there. But, it would at least make the air quality slightly better I would think. I’m not sure how much longer i’ll be working at this joint. The bad air quality is really starting to make me feel sick all the time. I actually complained to the owners of the bar, and although they were kind about it and agreed about the bad air quality, they said that if they banned smoking, they would most likely lose a lot of the customers. The owners also mentioned that if I ended up quitting they would also understand, and just find a different piano player. This is what they may just have to do, because I think this week coming up is going to be my final one for sure. I just can not stand the bad air quality!

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