Memories of a fireplace and girls

Many years ago, there was a ski lodge on the mountain where my home is now. I remember as a kid, going up there to go snow tubing and sledding. Since we lived so closely, mom and dad bought us season tickets to use the ski slopes, so whenever we disappeared, she knew right where to look. We used to have a blast at the ski slopes. There were many times we would come home frozen to the bone, yet still wanting to go back out. She always kept us home when we were that cold, but it didn’t always stop us from sneaking out. On those days, we would go into the lodge and sit by the fireplace. We had a good heating system at home, but it could never be as comfortable or cheery as sitting by that fireplace. When we got to be teenagers, there was always a couple of girls sitting by the fireplace. We found quickly, that it was a great place to get noticed, when we turned sixteen and seventeen. The teenaged girls always thought it was so cool that we lived within walking distance of a ski lodge. The fireplace was always burning to keep us all warm. Over the last couple of years, we began to notice how the place was falling apart. The fireplace didn’t work as well and then they had to quit using the fireplace. A couple years after the fireplace was shut down, so was the ski lodge. Someone bought the entire complex and turned it into a development.

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