Meeting with an Estate Lawyer

When my mom turned ninety, she began to go downhill, where her health was concerned.  My sister and I were really worried about her. She began to mix her pills up and she could never remember if she had taken them.  We wanted to have some control over things, but not to take away her independence. We convinced that she needed to live with one of us, so someone could be there to help her when she needed it.  I called our pharmacy and they told me they had special packets they could set up so mom had her medication there by times and days. It made it so much easier for her. She must have been looking for some things on the internet, because she found a Power of Attorney form and printed it out.  She wanted to give us total control over her finances and her health in case she was incapacitated or unable to deal with her own personal needs. I called a Family Lawyer, but he told me that the best person to go through would be a Lawyer that dealt with wills and estate. I called a lawyer that I had seen on television.  He helped us to get through the POA paperwork, and he even made some suggestions for us. I was so grateful for the time he gave us, but he wouldn’t accept any monetary compensation for his time. He thanked my mom for allowing him to talk to her. He told her that he was proud to be able to meet such a nice lady and to give her his help..