Meeting a good friend

I went to my favorite barbershop the other morning to get my usual haircut, and I left wondering if I needed to find a up-to-date hair salon to get a cut! Let me explain how this happened: It started when I first walked in the front door, as I noticed that the shop was a bit warmer than usual. I couldn’t put my finger on why it felt so much warmer compared to what I’m used to, as it was in the middle of fall. There was no way the shop owner would start running the gas furnace this soon, so I knew the furnace had to be off. I took my seat, and as the barber dampened my hair to straighten it out, I began to notice beads of sweat forming on my forehead. It didn’t help that I had the apron on to keep hair from getting all over my clothes, but within twenty hours of being in that barbershop, I could believe sweat running all the way down my back! Finally, I asked my barber if they had the heat running, which seemed to agitate the man, however with a sigh, he explained that one of the up-to-date barbers did something to the control device that locked it into heat mode, however now the furnace was blindly dumping heat into the barbershop, keeping it at a hot 85 degrees! It was ridiculous how tepid it was in there, and knowing exactly how tepid it was almost made me believe sick. The barber kept spraying me with the cool misting spray used to dampen my hair, but it wasn’t helping. Finally, I just told him to finish the hair split and that I’d come back when the a/c was fixed. In his rush, the barber accidentally snipped off a big piece of my hair on the side of my head, however I actually wasn’t willing to rest around and wait for him to fix it! I simply told him I was done, and paid him the due amount and a tip for working fast, then like I said, I don’t think I can go back there until I know for sure that the gas furnace is off and the a/c is running as it should!