Maybe that would work

A few nights ago I decided to meet a few of my friends for a movie. We went to a small theater downtown that shows indie movies. I had been excited to go to the movie all day, but after arriving, I quickly realized that the night wasn’t going to go as planned. After we sat down in the theater we all realized that the air conditioner wasn’t turned on. I quickly got up and found a staff member. I asked if they would mind adjusting the thermostat, but the staff member told me that the HVAC unit was being repaired. I know my face must have dropped when he told me that. When I told my friends, we all debated whether or not we should stay for the movie. We decided to stay, but we were pretty uncomfortable. It was hard to focus on the movie, and by the last fifteen minutes, we were ready to leave for somewhere that had an A/C. Just as we got up to leave, we felt  a gust of cold air blast through the air vents! What luck! They had fixed the air conditioner right as we were on our way out the door. The timing was awful. As we were leaving, a manager stopped us to give us two free movie tickets. He apologized for the situation with the cooling system. I’m glad that the night was salvaged. After leaving the theater, we went to a local pub to grab a drink. They had an A/C so the rest of the night was much more fun. What a night it was!

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